The 5G revolution has arrived, and it is gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate. While its journey has been years in the making, 2020 marks the year that we can expect to see a rapid increase in the number of sites with 5G connectivity. This new generation in mobile broadband is expected to grow faster than what we saw with LTE and has the potential to replace 4G entirely. The 5G solution presents faster upload and download times, reduced latency, and will become an integral tool in artificial intelligence breakthroughs. This will set a new standard for businesses looking to streamline operations, improve their customer service, and collaborate seamlessly. With the promise of stronger connection, faster speeds, and better access to the cloud on the horizon, major companies are jumping on the investment opportunity 5G has to offer.

What is 5G?

5G is a next-frontier wireless network technology created to provide mobile devices with better connectivity. 5G gives greater access to the cloud, offering power in computing and storage that would otherwise have to be done by higher-level devices. As a result, more energy and space are saved, while bringing data storage closer to devices and ensuring easy access to information. The 5G network utilizes high-frequency airwaves in order to deliver stronger bandwidth and faster speeds. Compared to 4G streaming, it is about one hundred times faster. That being said, the possibilities of 5G is not limited to smartphones. Businesses are realizing 5G’s potential in IoT, AI, and UC.

On the Horizon: 5G Trends

Looking forward this year, it is predicted that 5G connection will become a more concrete solution for many communication developers. In fact, 5G technology will likely be available to over half of the world’s population by 2025. However, the consumer space is not the only area that can benefit from the rise of 5G. As companies continue to recognize what 5G connectivity has to offer, the demand is growing in all sectors. Therefore, business leaders need to consider how 5G can transform the way that members of their organization communicate with each other and to customers. Understanding 5G’s importance begins with realizing its most prominent trends:

Growing Opportunities for IoT

The Internet of Things is quickly changing the way that modern business is done. From its growth in different industries to improving customer service, IoT has proven its value for companies looking to increase revenue and efficiency. Furthermore, 5G networks are being built to support the growing demands for connectivity that has been set by the IoT. By offering incomparable quality in wireless communications, 5G solutions will surely enhance the capabilities of an IoT solution in the business landscape. Additionally, technical improvements within networks allow 5G to deliver higher energy efficiency than the current standards. As 5G rises, more IoT devices will enter the market, thus paving the way for a truly connected world.

AI and Smarter Customer Experience

The transformative potential of 5G also means incredible things for artificial intelligence technology. From fully autonomous cars to sensor solutions, leading companies are experimenting with the opportunities 5G can provide. In the realm of customer experience, businesses can offer customers a comprehensive model of service that streamlines communication and solution. Of course, faster connection speed and easier cloud data access from 5G are pivotal elements, but the potential does not end there. Utilizing 5G for AI technology will not only change the way we do business but how we go about our daily lives. Smart cities are emerging where IoT connected traffic lights can eliminate traffic hazards on the road. Even autonomous delivery trucks and cars are on their way, where drivers won’t need to control their vehicles. On top of that, smart sensors in autonomous vehicles will soon be able to notify customers as they approach their destination. As a result, building connections with customers will undoubtedly improve with the connectivity that 5G promises.

Enhanced Unified Communications

The connectivity offered by 5G networks will lead a new generation of communication solutions. In fact, 5G will be the central medium on which augmented and virtual reality services are built. In organizations, augmented reality business meetings will be an option in the near future for 5G-enhanced video conferencing. Business leaders will soon have the capabilities to bring a higher level of immersion to unified communications strategies. As the demand for mobility grows, 5G will serve as a crucial asset for businesses in the years to come.

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