The adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing among consumers. Smart device sales are on an incline, from phones to sound systems and even intelligent thermostats. Emerging as a priority for businesses, the IoT is currently the strongest tool available to give clear insight into the omnichannel CX strategies currently being employed. With the ability to collect data about when, where, and how consumers use services, the technologies behind IoT are creating a whole new era of customer experience, and businesses are taking note.

While the potential of IoT for customer experience is truly unlimited, here are the top 5 ways the IoT is transforming customer experience to help you create stronger customer relations:

24/7 Intelligent Customer Reach

The days of customized holiday emails as groundbreaking are long in the past. The IoT offers incredible potential for 24/7 customer engagement, where new technologies keep you constantly connected with your customers through tailored text alerts, incentives, and invitations when they are near your location. The ability to engage with customers 24/7 means that companies can also give real-time responses to their needs.

Improved Safety

Just as the IoT works for big corporations, it can also contribute to safety and wellness. For example, industries like transportation and manufacturing are able to use the IoT for monitoring and predicting needs for maintenance, thus reducing the risk of system outages which would inevitably impact the customer experience. Additionally, the IoT can positively affect people’s experiences with healthcare. Health monitor devices on the market provide useful information about the consumer’s health in real-time to healthcare providers. With this, patients are able to recover faster and stay healthier overall.

Personalized Service

Not only are customers more reachable, but notifications can be personalized based on stored detailed data about how your customers use your products or services. Currently, online stores allow customers to easily reorder purchases and smart refrigerators even let people monitor their food inventory through an app. That being said, the IoT takes personalization even further by gathering data at each connection point, giving businesses better insight into the customer journey. This will lead to offers that are not only personalized but optimized as well.

Helpful Reminders

Consumers today are inundated with data and information constantly. Businesses can use the IoT to clear things up for customers by providing helpful reminders to restock a product or perform a necessary maintenance. Anything that that could be forgotten, or replaced with a different provider, can be overcome with proactive and strategic outreach using the IoT.

Better Products

In addition to personalization, the IoT can help you gain immediate understanding about how your customers are interacting with your products. This helps companies improve things proactively and build insights for upgrades in the future. The more you understand your customers, the more you are able to better serve them and build a loyal relationship with them.

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