Is voicemail dead? An increasing number of people wish it was. Many people won’t even check a voicemail that comes from an unknown number. Those who do are forced to sit through what may be a long message or wait until they’re in a quiet, uninterrupted space so
they can listen.

Information left by a client in a voicemail must be manually added to their records, which further slows the process and introduces the possibility of errors or incorrect information.

The solution? Speech-to-text.

Integrated Speech-to-Text

VOIP Networks can offer speech-to-text that integrates with your Cloud9 private managed cloud system. The software transcribes incoming voicemails with very good (85-90%) accuracy and then drops that text file into Outlook or another email client. The voicemail is also saved as a .wav file for easy review.

Rather than listening to what may be a lengthy voicemail, employees can scan the first few sentences of the transcribed message and decide whether they need to take immediate action. Transcriptions can be added to client files or CRM software, making them easily accessible. The original voicemail can also be saved, in case a question arises in the future about the message.

Text-to-speech can easily be added to a Cloud9 private managed cloud system to complement other capabilities. eFax and enterprise texting can be added as well, making communication even easier and more efficient. Ask VOIP Networks about our FREE proof- of-concept (POC) service so that you can test the speech-to-text solution before deciding to purchase.

Backed by White-Glove Support

VOIP Networks provides full set-up, training, and support, so you can take advantage of everything that speech-to-text offers quickly and easily. Speech-to-text is one of the most requested features from organizations of all types, and VOIP Networks can provide a full- featured solution that offers unlimited use for one low price. As with all our services, you’ll receive U.S.-based support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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