Cloud9 TextMe

Stay in Touch with Advanced Text Messaging

Connect with customers and constituents through enterprise-level text messaging. Cloud9 TextMe makes it easier than ever to communicate with your customers by text-enabling business telephone numbers. You can send business text messages without exposing employees’ personal contact information.

Cloud9 TextMe is a robust, enterprise-level text solution that far exceeds the capabilities of phone apps. This scalable, cloud-based solution can drive marketing, customer service, and customer engagement and loyalty in ways that email and automated phone calls can’t.

Employees can access this robust messaging platform from any device (web browser, mobile phone app, etc.,) to stay in touch with customers. The easy-to-install application will enhance the effectiveness of your existing communication tools by reaching your audience—and allowing them to reach you—on the go, at their convenience.

  • Marketing. Communicate with customers using rich media support. Integrate text messages and drip campaigns with other marketing channels. Send messages to individuals or multiple recipients.
  • Customer Service. Cloud9 TextMe can send automatic replies for specific keyword inquiries and frequently asked questions, freeing employees to handle more complex issues. Scheduled reminders notify customers of upcoming appointments and other activities.
  • Loyalty Programs. Thank customers for their patronage. Notify them of earned rewards. If you haven’t seen them for a while, let them know you missed them and offer a reason to come back.

An expanding integration library allows Cloud9 TextMe to integrate seamlessly with many of the apps you use every day. You can manage all Cloud9 TextMe communications from a single, secure dashboard.

Cloud9 TextMe Advanced Features

  • Multi-Device Sync & Support. Use multiple devices for one monthly fee. Texting is not limited to specific devices.
  • MMS Support. Send and receive messages with rich media support (not just texts).
  • Organized Contacts. Multiple devices can share and sync business and personal contacts. Users do not have to compile and manage their own contact lists.
  • Scheduled Messages & Blasts. Individual and multiple messages can be scheduled and integrated with other communications, such as emails and phone calls.
  • Auto-Reply. Cloud9 TextMe can send automatic replies for specific keyword inquiries, freeing employees for other tasks.
  • Canned Responses. Preprogrammed responses deliver consistent messaging for frequently asked questions automatically, again freeing staff for other responsibilities.
  • Reminders. Users can easily schedule reminders for appointments and other activities.
  • Drip Campaigns. Stay in touch with customers using automated text drip campaigns.
  • Multi-Number Support. Number sharing allows access to multiple numbers from a single login.
  • Away Messages. An autoresponder can notify senders when representatives are unavailable and provide information to assist customers.
  • Relay Webhook & API. Cloud9 TextMe integrates with CRM and other software, and VOIP Networks can provide technical expertise to aid in that integration.
  • Multi-User Management. A single dashboard simplifies management of all Cloud9 TextMe numbers.

Convenient Communication with Privacy Protection

Cloud9 TextMe adds advanced texting capabilities to the organizational phone number(s) of your choosing. Employees can use their cell phones to communicate with customers without sharing their personal contact information. Also, Cloud9 TextMe will not affect how traditional text communications function on personal devices.

With Cloud9 TextMe, teachers, government agencies, emergency personnel, law firms, crisis hotlines, and others can use a simple app (web or mobile) to send and respond to texts using a business phone number. Customers and constituents receive prompt communication while staff members protect their privacy.

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