The benefits of a cloud-based system are many: it’s flexible, can be accessed from almost anywhere, and adding capabilities and integrating the system with other software is relatively easy.

The benefits of an on-premises system are also many: easy to manage and monitor while leveraging the existing investment in on-site equipment. And it’s very secure.

For an organization with an on-premises system, the decision to move to the cloud can be a difficult one—but it doesn’t have to be. A hybrid system that uses Mitel equipment and the Cloud9 private managed cloud platform makes it easy to combine the many benefits of a cloud-based and an on-premises system.

The Benefits of a Mitel-based Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a flexible, scalable solution that can provide the on-premises experience anywhere with a stable Internet connection or dedicated private line circuit. In fact, Mitel technology delivers the same superior user experience for both on-premises and cloud-based systems. This means that employees, clients, customers, and any other stakeholders benefit from an identical experience whether an employee is on-site or on the road. Employees use the same interface and work with the system in the same way, from any location.

Most importantly, Cloud9 by VOIP Networks—powered by Mitel technology—doesn’t limit what other software and systems an organization uses. Cloud9 can help organizations connect hybrid cloud communications to a wide variety of operational software, including the most popular CRMs, ERPs, and other software.

That’s why Mitel highlighted the hybrid cloud solution as the theme at the recent Mitel NEXT conference in San Antonio.

With a hybrid cloud, organizations have the control and monitoring capabilities of an on-premises system, combined with the flexibility, reliability, and scalability of a cloud solution. A hybrid system can include on-premise base controllers for local survivability and e911/Ray Baum compliance while maintaining security and redundancy in cloud-based data centers.

Unlike typical Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) options, Cloud9 by VOIP Networks provides a managed private cloud solution. Each client organization has its own unique, dedicated virtual servers and retains complete control over its communication system. Upgrades and updates happen at their convenience, not as dictated by the telecom provider.

If a school district wants to continue using managed services on each campus and deploy system-wide applications in the cloud, Cloud9 by VOIP Networks can do that. If an organization has applications it uses for operations that need to work seamlessly with a telecommunications system, Cloud9 can do that.

This isn’t “one size fits all.” It’s “what size works best for you?”

Start with a Free Proof of Concept (POC) Test

It’s one thing to have a company say, “Sure, our system does that.” It’s another to test a system by using it in your normal, day-to-day environment to confirm that it does what you need and works with your operations.

Whether you call it a pilot project, a trial run, or a proof of concept, you should test-drive both the technology and the vendor before you migrate to a hybrid solution.

That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation proof of concept program for organizations to learn how well a hybrid cloud can work with their existing setup and operations. Please contact Cloud9 to learn more.

Backed by White-Glove Support

VOIP Networks provides full set-up, training, and support, so you can take advantage of everything a managed private cloud offers quickly and easily. We can also help integrate existing applications and hardware with a Cloud9 system in one or many locations. VOIP Networks provides white-glove, U.S.-based support (no overseas call centers!) 24/7/365 to every client of every size.

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