SD-WAN is a software-defined networking (SDN) technology that simplifies the operation and management of a wide area network (WAN) by separating the networking hardware from its control mechanism. It is used to connect enterprise business networks across large geographical distances, from branch offices to data centers. The increasing movement toward SD-WAN is intended to drive network control into the cloud, and forward-thinking industry leaders are readily moving with it.

Why IT Leaders Choose SD-WAN

Network Performance Reliability

Broken down communications in an organization lower productivity and bleed IT resources to troubleshoot network issues. Conversely, SD-WAN redefines the meaning of network reliability with the highest quality of service and assurance that critical traffic is always a priority.

Simplified Network Management

Monitoring and controlling your wide area network has never been simpler. It does not matter if your enterprise has one or one hundred locations. With SD-WAN, an IT staff member can manage your network from a centralized location through the cloud. While the configuration options of SD-WAN admin portals give IT the necessary flexibility and visibility, it also offers high capacity, custom business policies, and automatic updates.

Increased Network Security

With an increasing need for cybersecurity, SD-WAN can give companies peace of mind. SD-WAN allows continuous monitoring of traffic and deep visibility into your network for swiftly identify an attack. Also, less hardware to manage means no manual configurations that put security at risk.

Lower Costs

SD-WAN technology has proven to be incredibly cost-effective by offering optimization of the low-cost broadband Internet. This gives companies the opportunity to scale back the use of multiprotocol label switching, as well as other traditional circuits.

Allows for Rapid Growth

Adding new branch locations is faster and easier than ever before with SD-WAN. This technology’s streamlined deployment model allows businesses to put new branches into effect in a matter of minutes and minimize costly on-premise hardware in each new office.

When utilizing the advanced technology of cloud-delivered SD-WAN, you can optimize connectivity and improve communication within your business, all while keeping things simplified and secure. No matter what connections your business uses, SD-WAN employs multiple types of connection for the best use of Internet bandwidth. This allows you to specify which of your business applications are crucial, saving your enterprise money and resources.

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