With the current market characterized by fast-paced evolution, business agility has proved itself to be crucial. That said, at the heart of business agility lies a team of people driven by innovation and collaboration. Building an agile team, however, requires specific practices that give the group a competitive edge. Defined by resourcefulness and adaptability, agile teams rely on unified communications (UC) to maximize connectivity and improve communication strategies without the cost of on-site hardware and software upgrades. Discover how agile teams and UC work together to create the best habits for communication.

Top Ways Agile Teams and UC Work Together

Real-Time Collaboration

Being resourceful and adaptable is contingent upon quick responses through real-time communication. UC offers hosted phone solutions that can mirror conversations across all devices, helping agile teams stay on top of all discussions and projects. In addition to chat features, one-click web conferencing keeps communication lines open and available whenever they are needed.

Easily Accessible Information

In order to utilize important information, it must be shared in a timely way. UC workspaces offer a place to share files, create tasks, and open chats as information becomes available. With these features, people not only have easy access to all necessary information, but they also know exactly what they are responsible for as individuals. With each team member well-informed and staying on top of their respective tasks, everyone is able to work toward efficient solutions.

Always Connected

To be agile is to be connected. A hosted solution, such as Cloud 9 by VOIP Networks, gives a comprehensive experience on all devices that allows team members to always have access to their communication features and thus be more responsive.

Seamless Mobility

In today’s business market, agility and mobility are intertwined. As a result, UC solutions offering full mobile support are key in the success of an agile team. Mobile features such as smartphone apps and Bluetooth support give teams the power to work from anywhere without limitations.

Highly Organized

Organization is also a key player in the qualities of agile teams, which is facilitated greatly with the help of UC. In order to stay adaptable and responsive, agile teams use a hosted phone system like Cloud 9 by VOIP Networks to manage projects quickly and smoothly. UC features keep track of task progress, consolidate team activity, integrate email and calendars, and notify team members of messages and upcoming meetings.

Finding the Right UCaaS Provider

To stay ahead of market changes and evolving customer needs, agile teams are taking advantage of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Cloud solutions by VOIP Networks give businesses access to state-of-the-art technology and our dedicated professionals, who are ready to guide your path toward digital transformation and agility in the changing times.

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