Artificial intelligence, or AI, has the potential to profoundly change the way organizations communicate with members, clients, customers, partners, and staff.

“We need AI!” is something we hear regularly. But not everyone has a clear understanding of what AI can do for them and why they need it. With deep experience assisting clients of all types implement AI in their Unified Communications systems, we help organizations identify specific opportunities to leverage the benefits of AI.

What AI Can Do

A well-designed AI system can handle a lot of front-end communications faster and more efficiently than humans can, at a fraction of the cost. When customers tend to ask similar questions or seek the same information, an AI chat bot or voice bot can route the call, answer the question, or arrange to send the requested information. This automated assistance frees call center employees from handling mundane tasks, which means:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased call center morale
  • Reduced staff and lower staffing costs

For example, several bank and credit union clients use AI to handle routine calls when customers call for branch/ATM locations, current mortgage loan interest rates, hours of operation, or a new debit card.  

Moving beyond the front end, AI can be very effective at analyzing calls and mining them for valuable client relationship and product/service information. AI can also listen to calls for quality assurance purposes, spot frequently asked questions, and proactively identify potential issues.

The metrics prove the value of AI: One client used a speech recognition bot to route incoming calls to the proper department, reducing the time needed to answer calls by 70%. 

Integrating AI With Operations

AI really shows its value when integrated with every aspect of operations, as demonstrated by a Cloud9 Private Cloud client that processes medical claims:

  • A client calls about an insurance claim.
  • AI captures the client’s basic information, such as policy/claim number and type of claim.
  • Software matches that information with the correct agent and routes the call.
  • As the call is routed, the client’s account and claim information from Salesforce pops onto the agent’s screen.
  • With this information in hand, the agent can assist the client immediately.

The result is a significantly improved client experience. Instead of being frustrated by having to repeat information or experiencing multiple transfers, clients are quickly connected to the correct, helpful, knowledgeable professional.

The key is to work with a partner, such as VOIP Networks, that can help an organization identify how to best use the power of artificial intelligence and make it an integral part of their telecommunications and operations.

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