There’s a rich source of client and employee data that can provide incredibly valuable strategic insights into your organization, and it’s hiding in plain sight.

Your call center data can support critical decisions in every area of operations, including:

  • Customer satisfaction and the customer experience
  • Staffing levels and efficient use of resources
  • Employee productivity and efficiency
  • Employee training and coaching

For Mitel users, the key is software that integrates seamlessly with the Mitel MiContact Center (MiCC) solution.

The leading solution is Brightmetrics CONTACT CENTER Analytics ™ for MiCC, a business intelligence tool that can that turn an MiCC system (running on the MiVoice Business Unified Communications platform) into new insights.

The Power of Brightmetrics Analytics

Whether integrated with other business intelligence (BI) software or used alone, Brightmetrics is a fast, efficient, low-cost strategy to leverage existing data as well as monitor metrics in real time. Managers can build real-time dashboards to monitor:

  • Agent Daily Timeline (everything the agent has done that day up to the current second)
  • Agent Status, Time in Current Status
  • Average Queue Time of Calls in Queue
  • Calls Currently in Queue
  • Current Trunk Utilization
  • Longest Queue Time of Calls in Queue
  • Time in Queue for Each Call
  • And more . . . 

With integrated analysis, managers can analyze each agent’s and each agent group’s actions. What are the most efficient agents, or the ones with the highest customer satisfaction ratings, doing? How many times must customers be transferred to resolve issues? What percentage of on-hold callers drop before reaching an agent? Organizations can customize metrics to their unique needs.

From staffing levels and customer satisfaction to identifying inefficiencies, Brightmetrics can help you better understand and manage the customer experience and find new opportunities.

The Security Data Deserves

When clients trust sensitive data to Brightmetrics and VOIP Networks, that data is protected by multiple levels of safeguards.

  • Secure hosted facilities powered by Microsoft’s Windows Azure. Microsoft’s Azure platform is ISO 27001, SAS70 Type II, and HIPPA certified.
  • Encrypted data storage with passwords unique to each user. Passwords are not stored; the system only stores one-way SHA-256 hash of each user’s password, which can determine whether the correct password has been used without storing the password itself.
  • Limited data storage. Only summary aggregate data is stored, not detailed call records.

Free 21-Day Trial

Existing customers who use Mitel MiContact Center can get a free 21-day trial of Brightmetrics. VOIP Networks will remotely install the Brightmetrics agent. The agent will not impact any current operations or production and will offer an opportunity to run analytics and real-time monitoring using your own contact center and call center data.

To learn more about Brightmetrics and arrange a free 21-day trial, please contact us by calling 800.494.0000 or emailing

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