Spam phone calls, besides being an annoying waste of time, have an unpleasant side effect: they can prevent legitimate calls from going through. Telecommunications companies are increasingly more diligent about flagging calls as spam or potential spam, and people are reluctant to answer calls.

In fact, the rise in spam phone calls has led to many people refusing to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers. If the call recipient’s cell phone company flags the call as spam or potential spam, the recipient is even less likely to answer.

For companies who need to reach someone, such as a healthcare provider calling to set up an appointment or relay test results, the situation is more than annoying: it could delay critical information being communicated to the right person.

In today’s overloaded spam environment, how can organizations help ensure that important calls get through? Here are some of the technologies and strategies we use.

Technology on the Front End

The Cloud9 Private Cloud solution incorporates two strategies to reduce the number of calls labeled as spam and increase the chances that recipients will answer.

The first strategy uses technology to prepare recipients for upcoming calls. We help clients set up automated mechanisms, such as texts, that tell clients they’ll soon receive a call. That technology can also explain why clients are receiving the call. A patient, for example, might receive a text saying their doctor’s officer is going to call later that day with information on test results or to reschedule an appointment. The patient knows the call is coming and may even know what number the call will be coming from.

The second strategy uses solutions such as TruContact Caller Name Optimization (CNO). CNO uses verified business numbers for outgoing calls through a centralized, online portal, to avoid calls being mislabeled as spam or potential spam. CNO uses other strategies as well, which can reduce the number of calls erroneously blocked by over 90%.

More than 800 carriers currently use CNO, which is real-world proof that the technology does what it’s designed to do. Customers, patients, clients, and partners are more confident that the call they’re receiving is legit and should be answered when organizations incorporate CNO into their telecommunications operations.

TruContact Branded Call Display (BCD) pairs the above verification benefits with visual branding so customers can instantly see who is calling. Using STIR/SHAKEN call authentication to verify that the number and data have not been spoofed, this technology displays the business name, logo, and call reason—even before the recipient answers.

Expertise on the Back End

With almost 40 years of experience, beginning in the days of on-site switchboards and landlines, VOIP Networks has a long history of providing cutting-edge communications solutions for organizations of all sizes. We routinely help organizations deploy and manage the best solutions for their needs—from overcoming aggressive spam filters to implementing artificial intelligence (AI), application integrations (including CRM applications and Microsoft Teams), state-of-the-art contact center solutions, etc.—to improve organizational efficiency and customer experiences. And we back it all with white-glove service and 100% U.S.-based support. 

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