UC for business growth

The expansion of IT capabilities has made business growth more optimistic than ever before. Because of this, leading executives translate this optimism into action by adopting new business initiatives such as unified communications (UC). As the benefits become more evident, more businesses are implementing UC into their systems.

Top 3 Benefits of Unified Communications for Business Growth

Remote Mobile Teams

A distributed workforce is quickly becoming the norm for growing organizations. For this to be effective, employees must be able to access files and people as they would be available in a working office. Cloud apps are able to provide these capabilities without exhausting efforts of your IT team. With employees anywhere in the world, there is also a risk that a colleague cannot be reached during important moments and opportunities. With UC, you can reach anyone through a dedicated mobile app for streamlined efficiency.

Fast Problem-Solving

UC offers access to the most advanced communication features available, which allows problems to be resolved quickly and seamlessly. For example, real-time collaboration features can help service technicians resolve issues while in the field by easily connecting with a subject matter expert in the office. With just a press of a button, the technician can initiate an audio or video conference call right from the customer’s location. Together, the two colleagues can troubleshoot the problem and resolve it immediately.

Easy Collaboration

A business is only as strong as the collaboration among its team members. Be it drafting a major proposal, troubleshooting problems, or servicing customers, employees need a way to effectively communicate. Features like chat platforms and group notifications make sure everyone is on the same page. As UC continues to provide next-gen apps, IT teams can then share the new collaboration tools and features with the other employees as they become available.

How to Maximize UC

In order to take full advantage of the UC’s potential, a company must be equipped with a skilled IT team that has the knowledge and expertise to take on new system processes. Unfortunately, in-house resources are easily stretched too thin and can result in any plans for growth to become derailed. To prevent this challenge, deploying unified communications as service (UCaaS) allows in-house IT teams to be supported with proactive daily maintenance and management. This allows teams to shift their focus on growth strategy, rather than monitoring and troubleshooting problems. As a result, a company is able to improve its agility for expansion.

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