Regardless of the core business offering, technology plays a critical role in almost every organization’s day-to-day operations. This growing dependency on IT makes it even more important that networks and systems remain online, operating efficiently at all times.

That’s where the Cloud9Care suite of services can help. With proactive remote monitoring and management, we keep tabs on your IT infrastructure around the clock, year-round. When a problem does arise, our technical experts can quickly resolve it—often before clients are aware of the issue.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Cloud9Care provides complete 24/7/365 monitoring of networks and IT infrastructure support. We also provide cloud based IT services including full problem resolution and troubleshooting for servers, desktops, and mobile devices. Our technical experts constantly work behind the scenes to keep client systems running smoothly. We jump in immediately to fix any problems that develop.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Our backup and disaster recovery solution is a complete, end-to-end business continuity offering. Cloud9Care provides true peace of mind and robust data protection. Critical files will always be secure and accessible when needed, even if disaster strikes.

Help Desk

In the world of IT, problems happen. Computers crash, passwords are lost, email stops working, and the list goes on. And without proper technical support in place, these problems can bring a business to an abrupt—and potentially damaging—halt. With Cloud9Care’s Help Desk solution, certified technicians quickly and efficiently resolve even the most complex technical problems.

Cyber Security

Many organizations both large and small don’t have the budget, skills, or resources to support in-house experts devoted solely to cyber security. Cloud9Care provides the proactive, preventive maintenance and technology required to secure workstations, servers, devices, and networks from ever-evolving threats. We partner with clients to minimize their risk and develop a plan that focuses on resiliency and prevention.