cybersecurity and digital transformation

In order for your business to successfully carry out digital transformation, a targeted and complete approach to cybersecurity is crucial. Data breaches and other attacks heavily impact transformation strategies, which in turn, affect business innovation and growth. To ensure a successful and secure strategy, business leaders must put cybersecurity at the forefront when going down the DX path. This will ensure smooth operations internally and high satisfaction levels externally among customers.

With the skyrocketing use of digital technologies in various areas of business and society, the increased connectivity of everything poses greater challenges to security and data protection. Because of this, it is important to understand these cyber risks and how businesses can overcome them as they carry out their digital transformation strategy.

Digital Transformation and Cyber Risks

As with any technology, there are always going to be risks involved. However, understanding these risks early on will help you know the best prevention and courses of action should a cyber attack occur.

Unfortunately, cyber attacks are increasing in both frequency and severity. In this digital era, cybercriminals often have the upper hand against unsuspecting businesses, which can result in large-scale data breaches. For example, the cyber attack on Equifax last year left an estimated 143 million consumers with their critical information compromised, such as Social Security and driver’s license numbers. The data from these types of breaches are then often sold on the Dark Web where personal information can be bought and sold. That being said, Equifax remains as only one example. Over the course of 2017, the global average of breached records across different countries was 24,089. India had the highest number of breached information with more the 33,000 files, while the United States reached 28,500 compromised records.

As a result, businesses of all industries that are onboarding new digital efforts must enact stronger methods to securely and reliably verify online users, all while balancing friction that can make conversion rates suffer.

What’s the solution?

Because digital transformation operates with growing IT infrastructure, cloud computing environments offer the scalability and capability needed to embrace the IoT and connecting new devices across business sectors.

With cloud-based solutions, Cloud9Care by VOIP Networks provides comprehensive IT infrastructure support and continuous network monitoring. Behind-the-scenes technical experts work around the clock to keep our clients’ systems running smoothly at all times. If a problem does arise, our specialists work immediately to find the solution, often before you even realize something is wrong. With robust data protection, your critical files will be secure, while still remaining accessible as you execute your digital transformation strategy. Additionally, Cloud9Care gives preventative and proactive maintenance to secure networks, servers, and devices from ever-evolving cyber threats. When we partner with clients, our goal is to minimize risk and develop a customized plan that focuses on resiliency and prevention.

As digital transformation continues to evolve and expand, it is clear is that the best chance of success is when data is secure and vulnerabilities are protected against threats. In order to do so, companies can have peace of mind with Cloud9Care, which provides the most advanced technical solutions that can also be adapted to the needs of each business.

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