As digital technology evolves, the cybersecurity landscape is changing as well. With an ever-diversifying range of threats, simple endpoint security solutions are no longer a viable option to protect a business from a cyber attack. Vulnerabilities at both the network and user level are constantly being exploited by hackers. In the current landscape, user error often poses the biggest risk to a business’ private information, while skilled professionals are the key to managing security as it grows in complexity. In order to adapt to this shift, business leaders must understand how the human element plays a role in cyber risks and maintaining security.

User Error

Human error has quickly become one of the most prominent avenues of attack for cybercriminals. In fact, recent research found 95% of cybersecurity breaches were a result of user error. This alarming statistic makes it clear that cybersecurity issues can no longer be remedied by endpoint solutions. These problems stem from a lack of literacy on cybersecurity among employees. All it takes is simply clicking on an unknown link or downloading a suspicious file, and unfortunately, many people are not tech-savvy enough to know better. Most online users have little to no understanding of the complicated world of hacking or how to combat a cyber attack, making secure information needlessly accessible and threats to a business stagnant. This presents a need for solutions that work.

Online users need a way that accounts for how they use technology already. It must embrace the human desire for convenience while still making it easy to stay secure. Cybersecurity should not be a burden; rather, it should be built in.

Benefits of User Training

In order to feel comfortable using security solutions, knowledge is key to staying safe in this interconnected world. Consumers need training on the potential risks to outdated or unsecured devices. They should be educated on how malware or ransomware can wreak havoc on a computer with just a simple click on an unknown link. Teaching users this valuable information will better equip them to avoid these threats. By addressing the root cause of most security breaches, a business can vastly strengthen its cybersecurity strategy.

The Need for Skilled Professionals

While the human element plays a major role in current cybersecurity threats, it remains a necessity on the other side as well. Technology leaders are the key players in designing effective cybersecurity solutions. At VOIP Networks, we know that successful cybersecurity strategy depends upon skilled professionals who ensure the technology works as intended. Our team includes some of the best talents in the industry, where each member is empowered to best serve our customers’ needs. While human nature cannot be changed, it is possible to minimize the risks and utilize the benefits that the human element brings to the cybersecurity landscape.

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