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The movement toward cloud-based technology is exploding, where approximately 87 percent of computing services are projected to be covered by the cloud in 2019. For this reason, businesses of all sizes, and especially enterprises, are rushing to make the transition from on-premise to cloud data storage. Falling behind the curve takes away your company’s edge as a leader in your industry.

Luckily, staying on top of this growing trend is extremely beneficial to your business. In fact, the purpose of cloud data storage is to make life easier for all levels of employees. That being said, transitioning to the cloud can have its challenges. While purchasing technology is easy, effectively using that technology within the day-to-day business is much harder. With these tips and necessary features, you can feel confident in a seamless transition to cloud data storage.

Formulate your data strategy

When looking to the cloud, what are you hoping to achieve in measurable terms? Data management, organization, budget, and storage goals should be outlined in a detailed plan. An effective plan includes quantifiable goals, an understanding of the applications involved, and performance expectations. Although completely off-premise data storage is booming, your business may still need the added control and convenience of on-site technology. Recognizing this when formulating your strategy will help you decide if your business is better suited for a cloud or hybrid cloud solution. At VOIP Networks, we utilize our Mitel-powered platform to allow us to develop custom solutions that tailor to the needs of each organization.

Choose your perfect cloud vendor

The question of choosing the right cloud vendor is not one that business leaders should take lightly. Because many cloud providers exist in the market, it can feel overwhelming to sift through various information and insights. However, with a strategy in place, you can better find the provider that has the expertise and services to improve your business. Since our founding in 1984, VOIP Networks has always put people first. While it’s true that we provide clients with advanced communication technology, our commitment to people is truly what sets us apart. We were one of the first companies to embrace cloud-based technologies, delivering advanced solutions to both mid-sized and enterprise organizations with Cloud 9 by VOIP Networks. Moving forward today, many of our original Cloud 9 customers continue to entrust us with their communication needs. In return, we consistently remain true to our core mission: providing state-of-the-art communication solutions with personal and direct service.

Make security a top priority

Security is by far the most important feature of cloud storage services. With major data breaches occurring over the last few months, including the recent Equifax incident, the significance of cybersecurity is hardly a surprise. Beyond just backup, businesses must look at data security through a lens of prevention, disaster recovery, and resilience. In a partnership with Continuum Managed Services, VOIP Networks has created Cloud9Care with a complete backup and disaster recovery solution. Cloud9Care offers customers true peace of mind that their files will always be secure and accessible when needed, even in the face of disaster. 

Allow for scalability

Because data storage volumes are growing exponentially, your data storage plan needs to be built for scalability and optimal performance. Fortunately, VOIP Networks provides cloud data storage that is both affordable and scalable on all organizational levels.

Integrate easily and efficiently

User experience in cloud data storage vastly depends on the efficiency of data and application integration. The versatility of Cloud 9 by VOIP Networks allows organizations of all sizes to make the most of their technology investment with flexible interoperability. Our solutions integrate with popular services like Office 365, Salesforce, and SugarCRM without additional custom development. Effective integration is matched with knowledgeable employees to deliver unparalleled service, all while enhancing productivity. This way, teams are able to spend less energy on administrative details and more energy supporting the organization’s core operations.

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