“No man is an island,” as the poet John Donne once observed, and no telecommunications system should exist on its own either.

Put simply, any information that’s part of a communications system should automatically flow through to other systems for more efficiency and fewer errors.

When a new client places their first order with an agent, that information should appear in the customer relationship management (CRM) software and the billing system, as well as the logistics department. Instead of employees wasting time and possibly introducing errors by manually entering the same information in multiple places, that information should seamlessly flow to every system that needs it.

If a university student discusses registration questions with an AI chatbot, that information should be shared with the live person who receives the forwarded call, so the student doesn’t have to repeat anything.

Making The Connection

The data captured by the VOIP Networks Cloud9 Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) system—powered by Mitel—can flow through to many popular programs, including CRMs, banking software, legal case management software, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), and many others. Clients who use Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Zendesk, Oracle CX (B2B/B2C), ServiceNow, Zoho CRM, and other software can now automate many manual processes.

Tasks that once took multiple steps and employees to complete are now done in seconds, automatically. If a call center, for example, can save 1-2 minutes per call by automating dataflow, more customers will receive service and customer satisfaction will improve.

The magic happens through an application programming interface (API). The VOIP Networks Cloud9 solution uses a REST API, an industry standard that works with many popular applications and web applications.

VOIP Networks also provides custom APIs for clients who need them, adding to the list of software that can connect to the Cloud9 system.

Providing In-House Expertise

Unlike many telecom providers, VOIP Networks doesn’t outsource API creation or any other parts of the connection process. In-house engineers, alongside Mitel Professional Services, work with client engineering teams to build systems that seamlessly transfer data from the VOIP Networks Cloud9 system to other business applications.

The difference is critical: our technology experts have an in-depth understanding of our Cloud9 UCaaS solution, APIs, and many common business applications. Clients have a single point of contact and a single source for expertise, streamlining the entire process.

Automating and Authenticating

Increased security is another benefit of integrating a VOIP Networks Cloud9 UCaaS system with business applications. Consider the following example from the financial/banking industry.

A credit union member calls in to request details on a recent home loan payment and to check their remaining balance. The Cloud9 UCaaS solution authenticates the member by using voice recognition (their voice is their password) or by asking a series of security questions. Once authenticated, the member can access loan details via the automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or via live customer service agent through a custom FISERV screen-pop process. The transaction is secure and efficient, the call routing is automated, and the member gets the information they wanted quickly. Everyone is satisfied.

VOIP Networks designs and manages UCaaS solutions that can seamlessly interact with many leading business applications. For more information, or to discuss your communications needs, please contact us.

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