Impact of AI on UC to Enhance Customer Experience

Increasingly, businesses are using artificial intelligence (AI) in unified communications (UC) to streamline customer experiences. As we discuss in our previous article, UC is shifting from a simple communication platform to a critical link for businesses and their customers. For this reason, it is important as a business leader to proactively investigate the impact of AI in UC to enhance customer experience.  

Every business strives for a unique approach that sets themselves apart from the rest. However, as the market continues to get more saturated, differentiation is more difficult than ever to achieve. Because of this, a company’s success is becoming less about the product or service, and more how it is delivered. Now, customer experience is the new playing field to gain market share and consumer loyalty. In this quest to improve, businesses are turning to AI for more personalized and efficient communication with their clients.

The role of UC in digital transformation

Understood in this customer-centered transformation is the need for unified communications. Trailblazers in the industry have been closely watching the digital transformation occurring over the last decade, and its growing prevalence cannot be ignored. Leaving the days of inefficient call centers behind, customer service now utilizes a machine-enhanced process that incorporates multiple channels of communication for rich, contextual conversations.

To gain insight into where UC for customer service is headed, businesses are observing the habits of Millennials and Generation Z. As the current and future demographic of consumers, they are readily embracing the new era of digital technologies. These habits include an extreme connection to their smartphones, willingness to exchange information for better service, and a high premium placed on convenience. With this, there is a powerful opportunity for businesses to supply customer service based on these habits for increased loyalty and satisfaction.

The impact of artificial intelligence

Recognizing this opportunity, driven business leaders can see the exciting future AI is presenting to the new customer experience landscape. Following the boom of data analytics, machine-learning technologies are helping companies deliver an unprecedented level of efficiency and personalization to interactions with customers. While it is no surprise that Millennials have displayed the highest comfort with these machine-enhanced communications, the growing sophistication of AI fosters easy interactions with customers spanning different demographics.

Beyond the potential of machine-learning technology in contact centers and customer service, AI can dramatically impact UC to enhance the comprehensive customer experience. For example, airports may utilize video-enabled communications at their defibrillator stations to give live assistance with AI in the case of an emergency. In another instance, a service company may initiate machine sensors to examine repair issues before sending a technician, encouraging shorter repair times and an increased rate of first-time resolutions. Regardless of the scenario, the vast possibilities of AI in UC allow tech leaders to tailor the innovation to their business and enhance the experience for their particular customer base.

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