The Data Integration Benefits of VoIP
Looking for a way to improve operations and customer/client satisfaction, curtail overhead expenses, guarantee sustainability, and enhance your business’ productivity? Saving money and increasing productivity is one goal that many business owners can agree upon, and making the switch to a hosted VoIP service can help support your business goals, at a fraction of the cost.

Do you know the secret to unlocking the benefits to customer satisfaction and internal productivity? The answer is data integration, which is available with hosted Voice over IP (VoIP). With VoIP, add-on features and apps can be integrated with your VoIP service such as:

• Client emails
• Project management software
• Cloud backup
• Accounting systems
• HR apps
• Workforce management

There is no better way to integrate your collaboration and communication platforms than with VOIP Networks. Read on to learn more about the data integration benefits of VoIP.

Improves Teamwork

Getting all of your employees on the same page can be very difficult, but with data integration, data is synchronized across all platforms allowing your employees to have access to the same information. This seamless connection can help your employees become more collaborative and can open the door for a more efficient team.

Improves Work Flow

It is easier to get into the flow of things when everyone is on the same page. Otherwise, you risk losing profits, waste time, and potentially damaging your business’ reputation. VoIP can open the door to avenues that were once not possible and can make better mobility possible. No longer do urgent requests get ignored because someone stepped out the door. By using a VoIP, mobile app calls can be forwarded, allowing employees to receive work calls offsite.

Save Time and Money

Time is money in the business world, so looking for ways to become more efficient is vital. With the integration of data, less time will be spent on searching for information since all of the information will be there. This means no more doing manual research or tracking down colleagues to dig for information. Data integration tools allow for this information to be readily available, saving precious time and enabling you to concentrate more on what really matters.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

People enjoy talking to another person, not an automated machine. When you have better data integration across your communication platforms, you can always have the full picture. Data is synchronized across all platforms, so everybody can have access to the customer or client’s information, streamlining the relationship-building process. When data is collected and accessible to each team member, everyone can see valuable information that will help make your customer/client feel like they are valued and understood.

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