Cloud9 Infrastructure now offers one of the most-requested capabilities for channel partners and the clients they serve: texting. Your customers can now text-enable their business telephone numbers, sending business text messages without exposing employees’ personal contact information.

Cloud9 TextMe is a robust, enterprise-level text solution that far exceeds the capabilities of phone apps. This scalable, cloud-based solution can drive marketing, customer service, and customer engagement and loyalty for your clients. The application is easy to install and will quickly become a key component of your clients’ communications. With its own domain, Cloud9 TextMe is easy to use and secure, and it offers a rich feature set.

Advanced Text Features

Your clients can use any device (not just cell phones) and get the benefits of these features:

  • Multi-Device Sync & Support. Clients can use multiple devices for one monthly fee.
  • MMS Support. Clients can send a receive messages with rich media support (not just texts).
  • Organized Contacts. Multiple devices can share and sync business and personal contacts.
  • Scheduled Messages & Blasts. Individual and multiple messages can be scheduled and integrated with other communications.
  • Auto-Reply. Cloud9 TextMe can send automatic replies for specific keyword inquiries, freeing employees for other tasks.
  • Canned Responses. Preprogrammed responses deliver consistent messaging for frequently asked questions.
  • Reminders. Users can easily schedule reminders for appointments and other activities.
  • Drip Campaigns. Stay in touch with automated text drip campaigns.
  • Multi-Number Support. Number sharing allows access to multiple numbers from a single login.
  • Away Messages. An autoresponder can notify senders when representatives are unavailable.
  • Relay Webhook & API. We can help your clients integrate Cloud9 TextMe with their CRM and other software.
  • Multi-User Management. A single dashboard allows management of all Cloud9 TextMe numbers.

No More Personal Numbers

Because Cloud9 TextMe can text-enable your clients’ direct inward dial (DID) numbers, all texts will come from the organizational number(s) your clients choose. Employees’ own cell phone numbers will no longer appear to recipients, even if the employee uses their cell phone to initiate a text. (Traditional text communications will not be affected at all.)

With Cloud9 TextMe, teachers can communicate with parents without sharing their personal numbers. Government agencies, emergency personnel, law firms, crisis hotlines, and others can use a simple app (web or mobile) to send and respond to texts using a business number. Clients and constituents receive prompt communication while organizational personnel protect their privacy.

Backed by White-Glove Support

Cloud9 Infrastructure provides full set-up, training, and support for you and your clients, so your clients can take advantage of everything that Cloud9 TextMe offers. Texting is one of the most-requested features from organizations of all types, and Cloud9 TextMe now allows you to give your clients the capabilities they need while creating an additional revenue source.

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