Choosing an infrastructure for your clients’ MiVoice Business (MiVB) licenses isn’t an easy decision, and Mitel channel partners have several options. Only one of those options is a Mitel Platinum Partner and Mitel Exclusive Partner with decades of experience with Mitel technology, offering white-glove service and support for both channel partners and their clients. That one option is Cloud9 Infrastructure.

Onboarding Is on Target

Cloud9 Infrastructure onboarding is simple and painless for channel partners, with no monthly minimum revenue requirements, no volume commitments, and no onboarding fees. Our engineers ensure a smooth transition to start programming customer solutions on our Mitel-specific Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform.

Cloud9 Infrastructure provides dedicated and secure, individual login credentials for each of the channel partners’ technicians or engineers. We use Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), a Mitel tool that allows technicians to securely and easily log in to program their customers’ unique, dedicated virtual servers.

From day one, Cloud9 Infrastructure also provides:

  • Sales assistance to help channel partners successfully position Cloud9 Infrastructure’s private managed cloud against competitors proposing UCaaS.
  • Support for channel partners who are seeking MiVB certification for their own technicians. When Cloud9 Infrastructure provides programming for a channel partner’s clients, the first one is free. Channel-partner technicians can watch and learn both the programming and a live training session with their customers.

Cloud9 Infrastructure doesn’t use any proprietary or unique software for programming the MiVB system, so technicians don’t have to learn anything new. Technicians experienced with MiVB can hit the ground running.

A Comprehensive Infrastructure Solution

Often, companies will consider the big names, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Services. These offerings are not designed specifically for any purpose. Not only do they not have MiVB expertise, but using them also means the channel partner must add the following:

  • Carrier services
  • Billing platform
  • E911 component
  • Calculation, collection, and remittance of regulatory fees

Channel partners will have to manage every aspect of the process themselves. A software issue could mean a three-way conference (and often finger pointing) with Mitel, the IaaS vendor, and the channel partner.

White-Glove Support (and Client Control)

Cloud9 Infrastructure uses world-class, geo-redundant infrastructure for maximum flexibility and security, backed by 100% U.S.-based support 24/7/365. Channel partners continue to own and manage every aspect of the client relationship. Cloud9 Infrastructure delivers behind-the-scenes hosting and support, while the channel partner remains the single point of contact with customers. Channel partners continue to manage the customer relationship and the customer experience while building their Mitel partner status through MiVB licensing and related Mitel equipment purchases.

Most importantly, Cloud9 Infrastructure follows the same rules of engagement as Mitel and will NEVER compete with channel partners for their customers.

Cloud9 Infrastructure also offers free proof of concept (POC) testing of Cloud9 Infrastructure and MiVB subscription license services for prospects, helping channel partners capture new customers and build more revenue streams.

Going to Mitel Next?

Please stop by our booth to say “hello.” Get immediate pricing and support for proposals to existing or prospective customers. Learn how Cloud9 Infrastructure can work quietly in the background to help build new revenue streams and increase client loyalty/satisfaction while you keep and manage the client relationship. You will also learn how to offer your own private managed cloud solution to customers, partnering with Cloud9 Infrastructure.

About Cloud9 Infrastructure

Cloud9 Infrastructure offers an end-to-end, turnkey, managed private-cloud solution that increases the value that channel partners bring to their clients with MiVB licenses. As a Mitel Platinum Partner, Mitel Exclusive Partner, and a Mitel-approved/endorsed IaaS provider, we can provide Mitel-specific IaaS solutions that channel partners and their clients need. And we back it all with white-glove service and 100% U.S.-based support.

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