For the public sector, reliable, full-featured communications can literally be the difference between life and death. It can mean that taxpayers and stakeholders receive efficient, cost-effective service, answers, and help, no matter what they need.

VOIP Networks has always made public sector clients a top priority, which is why we were so pleased to have recently been named to Mitel’s Public Sector Partner Specialization 2024 list. The list highlights firms with special expertise in using Mitel technology to improve public safety and the entire citizen experience when dealing with public agencies and services. We’re proud to receive this honor, which recognizes our ability to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities that public agencies face when serving the public.

Over the almost four decades that VOIP Networks has been serving K-12, higher education, and many other municipal clients, we’ve always understood the critical importance of helping public agencies help and respond to their constituents. That’s why VOIP Networks has made it simple to enjoy the benefits of a VOIP Network-provided private managed cloud solution for agencies of any size and type.

Ask Duquesne University, which seamlessly pivoted from campus to the cloud during the pandemic, thanks to VOIP Networks, so students could learn anywhere at any time. Or the School District of Philadelphia, whose aging system was inadequate, inefficient, and unsafe because it was incompatible with new 911 regulations until VOIP Networks managed an extensive upgrade. Or the multiple townships that needed to maintain high service levels to taxpayers despite ever-tightening budgets and turned to VOIP Networks to help them do more with less.

The Benefits of VOIP Networks

VOIP Networks has only one level of service: white-glove. That means:

  • A system tailored to your needs and existing software and processes (the opposite of one size fits all)
  • On-site installation and service (we don’t just ship a box with instructions)
  • Free proof-of-concept pilot projects
  • U.S.-based support 24/7/265
  • A system backed by secure, redundant network centers for reliability

Most importantly, every client enjoys the many benefits of a private managed cloud.

Most companies use multi-tenant architecture when designing and building a system, which means that multiple organizations share a virtual platform. A multi-tenant system costs less, but users must share certain resources. Such users are also vulnerable if security is compromised for any organization on the platform. Organizations that want to add custom software or new capabilities have limited or no flexibility to request upgrades or downgrades.

A system built on multi-instance architecture, such as Cloud9 by VOIP Networks, provides a private managed cloud experience. The virtual servers and resources belong to the company using them. Upgrades, downgrades, and updates happen when the company chooses. The company has complete control over its own communications system. And the system is more robust and secure.

Two Ways to Get Started with VOIP Networks

Public agencies can purchase technology from VOIP Networks on some of the leading marketplaces for government agencies, including Sourcewell, SHI, MRA International, and PEPPM. The benefits of using these consortiums:

  • Lower cost of acquisition compared to the open market
  • Discounted rates
  • All venders are vetted by each consortium and most meet strict requirements to be listed
  • Rates are pre-bid and auditable, helping to ensure compliance
  • Wide range of vendors
  • More efficient (no time wasted managing bids from scratch)

Sourcewell, SHI, MRA International, and PEPPM ease the RFP process by doing the most difficult work up front—the bidding and vetting of potential vendors—and then offering partners that already meet price and reliability requirements, known as “cooperative purchasing.” The process ensures that public-sector and educational organizations benefit from a financially sound manufacturer and their partners, dedicated to their needs for the long haul. They also need to know that their new systems will be stable, reliable, and secure while meeting all audit requirements.

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