At the recent Mitel NEXT event in Denver, Mitel highlighted its investment in new solutions that will flow data seamlessly into key industry-specific software for several sectors:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

Mitel has always supported critical vertical markets, and this year the company is doubling down on new tools that will help those industries work and communicate even more efficiently. (And if your industry isn’t included, Mitel’s Professional Services division and VOIP Networks’ design engineers can build a custom solution as described below.)

Mitel is building custom integrations for key industry-specific applications including Epic, Cerner, Fiserv, Jack Henry, and others.

What this means is that Mitel systems will seamlessly link with those industry applications, so important customer data flows into those applications. Mitel’s new applications will work with Mitel’s portfolio of IP/SIP desk phones, DECT handsets, ATM/ITM, mass/intelligent notification systems, financial services systems, and more. Integrations for healthcare providers include antimicrobial-treated desk phones, DECT handsets, alarm and messaging solutions, and nurse call systems. For hospitality, Mitel provides integration with various call accounting platforms, guest experience applications such as Benbria Loop and iPortal, ticketing systems such as HotSOS and iGuest, social messaging and video applications, and others.

This will be the industry’s only communication system tailored to work with your existing operations and processes.

How Seamless Flow Works

Here’s a simple example of how these integrations would work.

  • An existing client calls in with a question, order, or issue, and the call is routed to an agent.
  • The system recognizes the phone number, and the client’s record from your software appears on the client service specialist’s screen.
  • The system can also recognize the speaker’s voice, using voice biometrics, to identify and authenticate the calling party.
  • The client’s order history, previous call records, and all products/services ordered appear on the agent’s screen.
  • The agent addresses the client’s issue and adds notes.
  • Any product or service ordered during the call is automatically sent to fulfillment, and your software sends a confirmation email to the client (if it has that capability).

The Magic of API

The key to customer data seamlessly flowing from the point of contact through your operations is because of three letters: API.

An application programming interface, or API, connects two pieces of software and helps them communicate. This connection creates a world of possibilities when it comes to data flowing from one piece of software to another.

Mitel is building APIs to connect the software used by the finance, education, hospitality, and healthcare industries to Mitel systems to save customers in those sectors significant time and money and make their operations more efficient. The result: Simplification that decreases the number of tools and interfaces needed, and provides streamlined administrator portals, migration tools, configuration wizards, and a marketplace for applications and integrations with no obstacles.

For other industries, Mitel’s Professional Services division and VOIP Networks’ design engineers can build custom APIs that provide similar functionality for many other systems, including leading customer relationship managers (CRMs), so virtually every industry can enjoy the same benefits and efficiencies.

The VOIP Networks Value-Add

VOIP Networks designs, installs, and manages telecommunications systems to provide the highest quality and reliability. Clients receive 100% U.S.-based, white-glove service, with technical experts who can help integrate telecommunications with other portions of the client’s operations, so data flows seamlessly to billing, customer support, fulfillment, or whatever business units need that information.

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