Many people have misconceptions about arthritis. It only affects senior citizens. Most people with arthritis only have a few aches and pains. Arthritis is affected by the weather, the climate, and diet.

None of those myths is true. That’s why VOIP Networks will be a proud sponsor of the Philadelphia Walk to Cure Arthritis in conjunction with one of our clients.

Arthritis: The Facts

The reality is that arthritis is a debilitating disease that affects all ages. There is no cure. According to the Arthritis Foundation, almost 60 million Americans suffer from arthritis, including 300,000 children. That’s more than breast cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and autism combined.

The statistics show how important this fundraiser is:

  • The average age of arthritis sufferers is 48
  • 92% of people with arthritis are limited by daily pain
  • 1 in 4 people on the average healthcare plan have arthritis
  • Arthritis is the No. 1 cause of disability in the U.S.
  • 70% of parents whose child has arthritis feel that nobody understands how the disease affects their child

The Need For Support

Support for the Walk to Cure Arthritis – Philadelphia Region helps people in the community in many ways, including a camp program, educational conferences, patient education, webinars, support groups, and technology to help people with arthritis manage their pain.

The event will take place on Saturday, June 11, at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pa., in the morning.

Why VOIP Networks Supports the Walk to Cure Arthritis

“This is an important cause that affects so many in our community,” said Mark Mowad, VOIP Networks chief operating officer. “We support it 100%, and we hope our clients will add their support.”

Besides acting as corporate sponsors, many VOIP Networks employees will be attending and participating in the event. To learn more, visit the event website. To support VOIP Network’s chosen team, click here or visit the event donation page.


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