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Digital transformation is a journey that progresses an organization toward data-driven business models, typically involving artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and predictive analytics technology. Regardless of your industry, the rewards of driving growth through digital transformation are ready for the taking. That being said, while more companies are dedicating effort and resources to this transformation, many organizations are still seeing a gap between their investment and the impact they are seeking. To close this gap, businesses must recognize the key features involved in digital transformation success. These capabilities, when established, contribute toward significant technological growth.

Key Features for Digital Transformation Success


Rather than seeking to own all data, it is more effective to maximize the data your company does have. As an organization digitally transforms, it must be able to aggregate, activate, and monetize underutilized and siloed data. In doing so, a business can create better services, products, and operations, thus facilitating digital transformation success.


As they develop infrastructure, companies must create flexible and protected systems that can maintain privacy and security while balancing scalability as the business grows and requires changes.

Intelligent and Unified Workflows

In today’s workplace, teamwork must be flexible and efficient. Unified communication creates streamlined workflows to maximize business processes. Creating an environment where people and technology complement each other will result in improved business outcomes as digital transformation progresses.


Digital transformation also requires more than just agile software- it also needs agile planning and strategy. Business agility is a fundamental component of digital transformation success, where a company continuously re-evaluates and adjusts its revenue streams and business models. With this, organizations must be ready to take advantage of opportunities and action toward new technology.


There is a different mindset that is necessary when transforming into data-driven business models. This is especially true when staff members need to put faith in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Cultivating the right talent will bring meaningful insights and observations that others may overlook.

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