Sometimes the cavalry comes via technology, rather than riding over the hill on horses. When a major client’s communication system went down because of a critical system outage, Unified Technologies implemented a temporary solution on Cloud9 Infrastructure within a few hours of the event.

The bottom line:

  • The client had a fully working telecommunications system within hours of the outage.
  • Unified Technologies quickly implemented a temporary solution on Cloud9 Infrastructure.
  • The client is now on a secure, robust, full-featured Mitel system, provided by Unified Technologies and powered by Cloud9 Infrastructure.

From Zero to Hero

Unified Technologies, a well-respected and premier Mitel channel partner, had a long-time customer utilizing a Mitel MiVoice Connect system. When they experienced a fatal system crash, the client faced a crisis: as a global organization that provides digital recording solutions to courtrooms throughout the world, reliable telecommunications was critical.

Unified Technologies, a Cloud9 Infrastructure partner, called to ask: What could be done to restore the client’s communication system immediately?

By the next morning, all calls to the company were being forwarded to a Mitel MiVoice Business (MiVB) solution in a secure/safe, private managed-cloud environment (Cloud9 Infrastructure) that gave the client everything they needed to be fully operational.

The Magic Ingredient: Relationships

Unified Technologies and Cloud9 Infrastructure already had a close working relationship, and when Unified Technologies’ customer faced a crisis, both companies knew how to move quickly.

The Unified Technologies’ client was so impressed with the temporary solution that they decided to make the solution permanent.

From the client’s point of view, Unified Technologies saved the day. With behind-the-scenes help from Cloud9 Infrastructure, Unified Technologies outperformed their client’s expectations, and their customer is extremely grateful for having such a talented Mitel channel partner supporting them.

Unified Technologies summed it up best: “The team at Cloud9 Infrastructure has been fantastic to work with and really have proven to be a great extension to our team. Their sense of urgency and knowledge of MiVB met and exceeded our expectation. They helped deliver a great experience to our client that was in desperate need. We’ve become big believers in the cloud infrastructure solution they deliver to complement our MiVB solutions.”

In the end, the technology may be strong, but the key is service. And Unified Technologies and Cloud9 Infrastructure delivered.

About Cloud9 Infrastructure

Cloud9 Infrastructure offers an end-to-end, turnkey, managed private-cloud solution that increases the value that channel partners bring to clients with MiVB licenses. As a Mitel Platinum Partner, Mitel Exclusive Partner, and a Mitel-approved/endorsed Infrastructure as a Solution (IaaS) provider, we can provide the Mitel-specific IaaS solutions that channel partners and their clients need. And we back it all with white-glove service and U.S.-based support.

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