It’s hardly news that nearly half of all U.S. homeowners do not have a landline in their home. Landlines have become a technology of the past in homes, yet businesses still rely on them for internal and external communications. Why are businesses so behind the times on phone technology? While ditching your internal phone system can be complicated, it can be worth the investment if done right. If you’re looking for small business phone solutions to streamline your office communications, consider these questions before making the switch.

small business phone solutions

Are You Stuck In The Past?

When considering various phone options, take the traditional desktop phone out of the equation. Many workers are working from the road today, and a desktop office phone does not provide the flexibility and mobility they need. VoIP technology offers workers the flexibility to move from mobile, to laptop to desktop with ease.

Is Your Network Strong Enough For A New Phone System?

When consider small business phone solutions like VoIP, make sure that you consider your network connectivity. VoIP technology works over a broadband connection, and the more users you have on one connection, the more bandwidth you will need to support them.

Do You Plan To Grow Your Business Significantly?

The good news is, with VoIP, it’s easy to add additional coverage or expand your phone system if you add more employees or a new office in a different location. VoIP also allows you to add additional phone numbers with a local area code.

Do You Want Your Phone System To Integrate With Other Cloud Technology?

When moving your phone system over to VoIP, consider integrating it with other collaborative applications like Microsoft 365. This way, your employees can share documents during a call and see information like scheduled interactions with various coworkers, etc.

While moving to a new phone system can seem daunting, these questions will guide you in the right direction when deciding on small business phone solutions that are right for your business.


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