Enterprise Solutions
Control communications with a private cloud system or on-site system

Many enterprise organizations prefer the control and flexibility of on-site communications. Sometimes the decision comes down to accounting preferences and total cost of ownership. Regardless of whether the desired solution consists of private cloud storage or a virtual network, VOIP Networks delivers industry-leading communications technology, backed by hands-on support.

Even after turning over on-premises systems to internal teams, we help companies maximize their communications investment through ongoing training and service. We provide initial training and periodic system administration training at our facilities or via web-based collaboration, during which clients can receive guidance on specific challenges. In addition, our service team stays in touch to make sure the system continues to support enterprise operations.

Heritage in hardware

Because our 35-year history started with traditional PBX systems, we have decades of experience configuring and installing this equipment in enterprise environments. Our heritage in hardware-based communication allows us to design feature-rich, cost-effective VOIP cloud solutions to support large organizations that require the flexibility of in-house customization and/or the ability to integrate multiple locations. As an added benefit, our hybrid cloud solution allows enterprises to add cloud-based communication features to their on-site infrastructure.

Private cloud expertise

At the same time, we have continued to reinvent our offerings. VOIP Networks has evolved, just as mobile technology and cloud computing have transformed the communications industry. Our experience in building a public cloud infrastructure that supports thousands of users allows us to create equally robust and stable private clouds for client organizations. These on-site networks offer the same internal control, supported by the training and service that distinguish our other offerings.

Support operations with a private cloud environment or traditional hardware solutions.
September 5, 2016