Small & Medium Business
Extend the life and features of on-premises systems

Our hybrid cloud solution combines on-premises systems with our robust hosted infrastructure, Cloud 9 by VOIP Networks, for a seamless user experience. Recognizing that some companies still need the added control and convenience of on-site technology, a hybrid system removes the barrier of geography and frees businesses to create a custom communications platform that supports their operations.

Hybrid solutions make sense for organizations that . . .

  • Have a significant investment in on-premises hardware
  • Need to maintain on-site systems for compliance purposes
  • Want to transition their communications over time

In each case, the addition of our Cloud 9 hosted solution can extend the lifespan of on-premises technology, while creating a consistent communications experience for all users, regardless of location.

Unsurpassed flexibility

Our Mitel-powered platform enables us to develop a custom solution that meets the specific needs of each organization. We can accommodate any mix of hosted and on-site services. Clients can supplement their internal infrastructure with Cloud 9 features as needed—or use this flexible model to migrate to the cloud, based on the strategy and schedule that best meets their needs.

Enhance traditional systems with the scalability and flexibility of our Cloud 9 solution.
September 5, 2016