While Mitel focuses on enhancing the industry-best MiVoice Business (MiVB) services, channel partners need to find the best infrastructure provider to house their MiVB subscription licenses.

Channel partners have several options when choosing the right Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider. One key question for Mitel channel partners is this: do they want to keep the client and the client relationship and offer their clients MiVB in a private-cloud environment, or do they want to refer their clients to a third-party telecommunications provider?

For Mitel channel partners who primarily sell and support on-premises systems, the clock is ticking. Many billing systems and CRM (client relationship management) systems are cloud-based, and platforms such as Google Cloud Services and Microsoft’s Office 365 are also driving more organizations to the cloud.

Available Infrastructure Options

Today, many channel partners refer clients that want a cloud-based solution to a third-party Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider. While these referrals bring in commission revenue and SPIFFs, channel partners may forfeit the client and client relationship, potentially jeopardizing the future of their business as more organizations migrate to the cloud.

Another option that keeps clients in-house is to use the larger cloud-based services, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Services. These infrastructure offerings can be expensive and may require additional services to provide a complete solution, including carrier and billing services; calculation, collection, and remittance services of regulatory fees and taxes; 911 services; and MiVB support services.

An all-inclusive, private-cloud IaaS solution may prove to be an ideal solution for channel partners seeking to:

  • Retain their core business
  • Retain the client relationship and profits
  • Order all necessary Mitel hardware and software
  • Maintain programming, installation, and end-user training
  • Manage ongoing support/MAC services

And this is exactly what the Cloud9 Infrastructure service offers Mitel channel partners.

Grow Your Business with Cloud9 Infrastructure

Built and managed by a Mitel-exclusive platinum partner, Cloud9 Infrastructure was specifically designed for Mitel channel partners and their clients. VOIP Networks will never sell directly to channel partners’ customers, following Mitel rules of engagement regarding competition with channel partners’ end customers.

Cloud9 Infrastructure provides a complete, turnkey service exclusively for Mitel channel partners and MiVB subscription licenses. Here’s how it works:

  • The channel partner purchases Mitel MiVB subscription licenses through the normal channels (e.g., Jenne, ScanSource, etc.).
  • The channel partner purchases Cloud9 Infrastructure services directly from Jenne or ScanSource.
  • The channel partner sells their customers all applicable hardware and channel partner services (e.g., Mitel IP phones, controllers, ATA units, overhead paging modules, PoE data switches, managed services, etc.).
  • The channel partner retains ownership of the customer experience and provides programming, training, MAC, etc. Customers call the channel partner for service and support.

The Cloud9 Infrastructure pricing includes the following:

  • Geo-redundant (Active/Active) Data Centers
  • Dedicated primary and resilient MiVB virtual servers
  • Dedicated primary and resilient MBG virtual servers
  • Dedicated MiCollab virtual server
  • Dedicated Mitel application virtual servers (e.g., contact center, call recording, etc.)
  • Unlimited inbound/outbound calling plan within the 48 contiguous U.S.
  • All billing services with the channel partner’s company logo on the bill
  • All calculation/collection/remittance of regulatory fees and taxes
  • All Intrado e911 services (including full RAY BAUM’s, Kari’s Law, Stir/Shaken compliance)
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 support services from 100% U.S.-based, MiVB-certified technicians
  • Mitel CPQ support (if needed)
  • Remote installation and support services if requested (billed separately)

As more businesses migrate their communications and other operations to the cloud, Mitel channel partners can continue to support their customers’ needs by hosting MiVB licenses on Cloud9 Infrastructure. All billing and regulatory compliance liabilities (if any) and responsibilities are handled by Cloud9 Infrastructure. The channel partner sets the margins and benefits from monthly recurring revenue, while building credits toward their Mitel Partner Program status level (Silver/Gold/Platinum) through the purchase of MiVB subscription licenses and Mitel hardware.

Channel partners who use Cloud9 Infrastructure retain the client relationship, set pricing, provide licenses and training, and ongoing services, such as moves, add-ons, and changes. Instead of forfeiting client relationships through traditional agent programs, channel partners have a unique opportunity to grow their business by selling a MiVB private-cloud solution to their customers while receiving high margins in predictable recurring, monthly revenues.

And for Mitel channel partners that want additional support, Cloud9 Infrastructure can provide as much—or as little—assistance as needed, including the following chargeable services:

  • Remote phone system programming
  • Remote end-user training
  • Remote ongoing support, along with moves, add-ons, and changes

To ensure a seamless transition, Cloud9 Infrastructure will provide the first remote installation at no charge. Channel partner technicians receive complimentary training to help them perform subsequent installations.

About Cloud9 Infrastructure

Cloud9 Infrastructure has been providing infrastructure services to Mitel clients since 2004. This is the only complete, turnkey IaaS offering designed exclusively for Mitel channel partners and MiVB subscription licenses.

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