Since the COVID-19-related shutdowns began, working from home has shifted from novelty to necessity. While remote work may not be new, day-to-day operations for many businesses have certainly required adjustment. Now that we are months into the pandemic, we are entering unfamiliar territory in the global business landscape. With almost every industry having experienced the effects of the virus, it has forced many business owners to re-evaluate their own communications strategies and IT policies in order to adapt.

The early stages of the situation required quick fixes to stay afloat, but now is the time to adopt long-term solutions that support effective business continuity in any event. For this reason, discover the top reasons why you should adopt digital transformation strategies during this time:

Strengthen Business Agility

Digital transformation encompasses more than just agile software—it also requires agile business strategy, where a company consistently assesses and adjusts its business model to coincide with the current market. By successfully integrating these practices, organizations can feel ready to take on opportunities and action toward new technology during times of great change.

Keep Infrastructure Safe

Cloud computing environments offer the necessary capability and scalability to embrace the IoT and connect new devices across business sectors. Cloud 9 by VOIP Networks offers comprehensive IT infrastructure support and continuous network monitoring for true peace of mind. Our technical experts work around the clock to keep clients’ systems always running smoothly. Additionally, robust data protection keeps your critical files secure but still accessible in your daily operations. As digital transformation continues to evolve during these times, one thing remains clear: business success relies on secure data and protection against threats. Cloud 9 provides the most advanced technical solutions that can also be adapted to the needs of each business as we enter a “new normal”.

Unify Remote Workflow

Members of a business are what bring companies to life, and effective collaboration among teams is what keeps a competitive edge. The extreme changes to the way many of us collaborate has shown the need to seamlessly communicate while working from home.

In today’s remote workforce, collaboration must be flexible and efficient. Because this can take on different forms, it is critical to choose technology that encourages teamwork with the right tools for communication, file sharing, and task management. Unified Communications software, such as Cloud9Care by VOIP Networks, offers these tools in an easy-to-use platform for streamlined workflows. Creating an environment outside of the office where people and technology complement each other will ultimately lead to improved business outcomes as digital transformation continues.

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