Enterprise Solutions
Maximize your communications technology with human service

For many enterprise organizations, cloud-based communications make sense. They can get the flexibility and scalability of an on-premises infrastructure, without the management responsibility and overhead. While the recent explosion in cloud communications means that multiple providers seem to offer similar capabilities, VOIP Networks pairs cutting-edge technology with old-fashioned, human support.

From the initial consultation to the day-to-day implementation of Cloud 9 by VOIP Networks, we take a hands-on approach to cloud communications. After all, these tools are designed to enhance—rather than replace—human connections. We follow a specific process to develop a customer experience strategy that supports each organization’s operations: not only today, but also in the future.

Industry-leading technology

Our flexible Cloud 9 platform is powered by Mitel, the only business communications company ranked across 5 Gartner Magic Quadrants. As a result, we can create a unique user experience for each job function, one that offers unsurpassed application integration and mobility. Enterprise customers can pay for only the features they need, with the ability to scale their services up or down, as required.

The human touch

Purchasing technology is easy. Using that technology to improve business operations is infinitely harder. VOIP Networks offers on-site implementation, guiding clients through every step of the set-up process. We design a custom training program to show users how Cloud 9 supports their specific duties, and we stay in touch to ensure that the system continues to meet the organization’s needs. In addition, we host frequent classes where customers can receive supplemental instruction, tailored to their organization.

Enjoy a scalable communications infrastructure with Cloud 9, minus overhead and maintenance.
January 16, 2015